Mar 30 • 1HR 20M

PREMIUM BB88: Getting Right with Daniel McCarthy

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Learning to fly in the post-reason age
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Getting Right with Daniel McCarthy

I'm traveling the next few weeks, so this Sunday Stream is pre-recorded.

I wanted to do a series with some of the most interesting presenters in Thad Russell's online education program. This week, I'm speaking with Dan McCarthy, who taught the course on Conservatism. You know Dan from his many appearances on the Tom Woods Show and other podcasts we love. He's the editor of the conservative quarterly journal, Modern Age, a writer, and a brilliant armchair historian.

In this chat, we're covering topics such as these:

  • The definition of conservatism, and how it differs from right-wingism

  • An overview of some of the thinkers who shaped modern conservatism

  • Why Dan would consider himself a Hamiltonian as opposed to a Jeffersonian if he had been a founding father

  • Why Dan is skeptical of the "national divorce" narrative

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