Dec 3, 2020 • 1HR 8M

Ep. 13: Pavel the Full-Time Crypto Trader

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Learning to fly in the post-reason age
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Great episode for you today! If you're interested in making money in crypto, trading is an exciting, risky, potentially lucrative way to do it. In this episode, I chat with Pavel, a full-time crypto trader. We talk about his experience and what has worked and not worked for him. Obviously, neither one of us is a finance professional (at the end of the episode we compare our terrible performance in college finance classes), so don't take this as advice. It's not advice. Go talk to your financial advisor!


  • Follow Pavel on Twitter and be sure to follow those he follows.

  • Follow my Not Investment Advice Twitter list (send me suggestions if I'm missing anyone).

  • Grab a Ledger hardware wallet to keep your holdings safe. Pavel uses the Ledger Nano S, and I use the Ledger Nano X, which supports bluetooth.

  • Join Binance to trade crypto and/or to get a pretty comprehensive education in the subject.

  • Join Kraken if you don't like Binance

  • Use Cointracker to keep your stuff organized.

  • Check out $LINK, Pavel's favorite token.

  • Check out $DIP, an up-and-coming insurance token.

  • Follow /biz/ on 4chan.

  • Read about the Wall Street Cheat Sheet.

  • Join Fold, win free Sats, use Bitcoin to buy gift cards to use in your favorite stores, and sign up for their debit card!

  • Set up a demo trading account if you'd like to practice before jumping in. (I'm not affiliated with this site. It's just something I found online.)

Also, I just purchased a Master Membership to Tom Wood's Liberty Classroom. If you're looking for the best history, economics logic, philosophy, and even literature education from a libertarian perspective, look no further.

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