Mar 11 • 1HR 22M

BB88 Premium: Daniel McCarthy

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Learning to fly in the post-reason age
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Daniel McCarthy is every libertarian’s favorite conservative, and it’s my honor and privilege to bring you our lengthy conversation. Here are some of the topics we’re covering:

  • What is conservatism? Is it different from right-wingism?

  • Why does Dan think American national divorce is a bad idea?

  • Would Dan have been a Federalist or a Jeffersonian?

  • What do people get wrong about Pat Buchanan?

  • What the heck happened to Ross Perot’s Reform Party?

  • What’s the future of conservatism?

  • Where do libertarians and Libertarians go wrong?

That, plus the very distinct possibility that I burped directly into the mic at about 19 minutes and my dog loudly munched on a bone at about 55 minutes. How could you possibly resist listening to that?

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This episode is for paid subscribers