Aug 15, 2021 • 1HR 52M

BB50: Political Realism with Popular Liberty

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Learning to fly in the post-reason age
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Political Realism with Popular Liberty

A few weeks ago I gave you a little homework assignment: Become passingly familiar with the Archotropism framework developed by Andrew from the YouTube channel Popular Liberty. Read this if you haven’t already. It’ll help you better understand what we’re talking about here.

Poppy Libs has appeared on a ton of podcasts laying out his framework, which is always evolving and being added to. You’d do well to listen to his appearances on Pete Q’s show to get a full run-down. They’re linked below.

As is my practice, I tried to dig in a little deeper than his standard fare. This is extreme libertarian nerdery. There’s one more of those coming up, and then we’re going to be switching gears into personal development, wellness, and entrepreneurship for a few episodes.

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