Aug 8, 2021 • 1HR 3M

BB48: Debunking Conspiracy Theories with Keith Knight

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Learning to fly in the post-reason age
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Debunking Conspiracy Theories with Keith Knight

Keith Knight hosts the delightfully nerdy show Don’t Tread on Anyone. He’s always a joy to listen to, and, as I’ve come to find out, a joy to talk with! He recently did a video “debunking” a bunch of real conspiracy theories. Big surprise, the conspiracy theories he debunks are commonly-accepted conventional wisdom. If you think the Branch Davidians at Waco committed mass suicide, the US government considers Al Qaeda its enemy, “Net Neutrality” would make the internet more equitable, or Donald Trump had a quid pro quo relationship with Ukraine, or any number of other crazy beliefs, prepare to be debunked!

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