Aug 2, 2021 • 1HR 17M

BB46: Biblical Anarchy and Libertarian Nerdery with Jacob Winograd

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Learning to fly in the post-reason age
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Biblical Anarchy and Libertarian Nerdery with Jacob Winograd

Jacob and I hung out in Pittsburgh recently and had pretty good conversations. He’s the host of a podcast called Daniel 3: Biblical Anarchy, so naturally I wanted to hear all about his faith and political beliefs and how they play together. We also get into some pretty hardcore first principles libertarian rights theory stuff and, my current favorite subject following my conversation with David Gornoski, scapegoating. Mostly we’re just new friends getting to know each other better. I look forward to our future conversations.

You’ll notice my half of the interview was a little echoey. I neglected to switch over from the internal laptop mic to my external podcasting mic. I’ll wear sackcloth and ashes as penance. (Also, thanks to Chris and team at Podsworth Media for making it sound WAY better than the original, which paid subscribers were privy to, but you, oh freeloader, are not. Fix that here.)

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