Jun 25, 2021 • 46M

BB36: On Tour with Antony Sammeroff

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Learning to fly in the post-reason age
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On Tour with Antony Sammeroff

Antony Sammeroff is a podcaster, therapist, life coach, speaker, and writer from Scotland. For the past several months he’s been half-stranded/half-visiting the United States. We met in person for the first time in Pittsburgh after being Facebook friends for many years. In this interview, we talk about his journeys in the US, his tips for being more productive and avoiding procrastination, and how to make decent conversation. (If you’re a listener of Blackbird and you think you don’t need advice on how to make conversation, you need to listen to this interview.)

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  • Antony’s site, Be Yourself and Love It

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  • Antony’s books on procrastination, making small talk, and arguments in favor of and against universal basic income can be found at Amazon.

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