Jun 24, 2021 • 1HR 17M

BB35: Mike Brancatelli Opens Your Mind

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Learning to fly in the post-reason age
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Mike Brancatelli Opens Your Mind

This is a Very Special Episode. I sometimes feel like I’m way too cerebral to have a truly spiritual experience. So I’ve been fascinated by psychedelics for years. Psychedelics can offer a kind of “shortcut” to spirituality. Of course, I’ve also heard pretty negative things about using a shortcut to get to the end. Jung warned against “unearned wisdom”. Jordan Peterson, who I respect, echoes him. Many people believe the spiritual experiences psychedelic open us up for are actually demonic. Alex Jones (and many others) believe the “demons” are aliens. I’m not opposed to any of these positions, even the aliens.

According to Vin Armani and Pete Quiñones we’re entering a new “age of magic”. Astrologers say we’ve entered the Age of Aquarius. Integralists say we’re entering a post-postmodern age of oneness, a sort of collective enlightenment. The USG is teasing alien sightings. The Great Reset is underway. Conspiracy theory is hyper-ascendant. I call it the post-reason age. We’re replacing knowledge with belief, logic with rhetoric. For someone who’s “too cerebral”, it might be necessary to take a shortcut in order to survive the coming decade.

I asked Mike Brancatelli of the Mikeadelic podcast to sit and talk about psychedelic fundamentals, my questions and concerns, and his experiences. Since I had absolutely no idea even what questions to ask, I invited Landry Harmon, the first ever guest on this show, to join in the chat. Landry had some technical issues toward the end, so forgive any weirdness.

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  • Recommended Reading: The End of Your World

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